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Redskins quarterback Kyle new aid - Alan: Are you ready to compete starting position
When the Washington Redskins traded for Kyle choice - Allen (Kyle Allen) rather than the introduction of a more experienced veteran quarterback, which seems to indicate the starting quarterback position is already Dwayne - Haskins (Dwayne Haskins) foregone conclusion.

But Allen is not going to easily accept this.

"I think my expectations are to the team competition starting position," Allen said in an interview Tuesday. "I think this is a great opportunity."

For Alan favorable point is he familiar with the Redskins new coach Ron - Rivera (Ron Rivera) and new offensive coordinator Scott - Turner (Scott Turner). As the impact of the epidemic in the teams are off base and the team can not be the case offseason training, Alan and I believe that understanding the offensive system can help their own hand.

"I feel able to continue to play very important for me in this system, I think it will be very important for the team," he said. "If we can not hold a lot of offseason training or simply can not hold the training, allowing at least the team has been playing experience in this system, people are able to teach the system to attack other people and groups, coaches convey instructions and teach everyone tactics offensive tactics and language. "

In the ideal case, Haskins will achieve great progress in the sophomore season and eventually led the team headed quarterback position. But now it is far from a given number. If Haskins poor performance, so Allen could get the chance.

Allen last season for the Carolina Panthers starting 12 games, he showed potential early on, but as the season of his performance gradually decline. Alan is currently positioning brief episode of stable and reliable team bench.

Alan could help Haskins learn to understand their own very offensive system. But now he was bent on competition.